• Theresa Buster

    Chief Financial Officer
    Fabricators Plus
    Muscatine, Iowa

    Whether you have 10,000 employees or 100, they are aligned to strategically coordinate the right benefits for your business model. When I worked at a publicly traded corporation, they provided us with both astute analysis for request for quotes/renewals and phenomenal customer service. Now that my husband and I own our own manufacturing business, they have perfectly matched our limited resources with our employees’ needs. The value proposition they offer is second to none!!

  • Joe Crozier

    Chief Administrator  
    Grant Wood Area Education Agency
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    Perspective Consulting Partners has been a valued partner of Grant Wood AEA for many years.  Perspective excels at translating complex insurance requirements, including ACA, into understandable and appropriate benefit solutions for our AEA.  Their support and personalized attention has allowed us to navigate the difficult balance between cost considerations and benefit options.  We can count on Perspective to be attentive to our needs throughout the year.

  • Jeff Fick

    Vice President Human Resources

    RLI Corp. (NYSE: RLI)
    Peoria, Illinois

    They have worked with me in the manufacturing and insurance industries to find tailored solutions to our health and welfare plan needs.

    As the chief human resources officer of a public company, I am looking for strategic solutions for rising health benefits costs, not just cost-cutting ideas. Cutting costs is easy: cut benefits or increase employee payments. Finding long-term solutions for health plan design is where they excel.

    Their approach balances a genuine concern for employees with a realistic bottom line focus. They dig beneath the surface of our data, peeling the onion, so to speak, until we understand “why” and “where” our health care dollar is being spent.

    With their help, we have identified solutions that provide good health care plan outcomes for our employees and our shareholders.

  • Sue Bennett

    Compensation & Benefits Manager
    Kirkwood Community College
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    Together with five other educational institutions, Kirkwood belongs to a self-insured consortium. Each member has a different idea of what they want and getting all six members to agree to a set of plans can be a challenge.

    Before we hired Perspective, the consortium had 16 different plans and the financial situation was not good. Perspective helped us right away to simplify down to four plans that met the needs of everyone in the consortium. Their advice put the plans on a sound financial basis. Now we have healthy reserves and can pass on the savings to employees.

    Perspective also works directly with Kirkwood and advised us on our life, disability and long-term care programs. They put together the RFP, evaluated our data, analyzed plans, compiled quotes and made recommendations. They excel in every aspect of employee benefits consulting and administration. I love them!

angle “Character is like a tree and reputation is like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.”<br />
— Abraham Lincoln angle

“Character is like a tree and reputation is like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.”
— Abraham Lincoln